Aviation Translation Services.

Multilingual Aviation Translation Services.

Aviation Translation Services

Certified Translation of Aviation-related Documents.

Aviation Translation

Aviation Translation of manuals, maintenance logs, contracts, airworthiness directives.

VOX Translations is a leading provider of multilingual translation services for the aviation industry. Alaska Airlines, Premier Air Center, Texas Air Services, etc., entrusted their linguistic needs on several subject matters from the purely Technical to complex legal and corporate matters. They certainly know their documents fall outside the experience and resources of ordinary translators.

Aviation maintenance is a heavily regulated industry because all factors contributing to flight safety --from airframe, avionics and systems to the crew itself-- have a risk rate. This rate should be equivalent or inferior to a specified risk level. Notwithstanding, language errors do occur in aviation even taking into account validating factors and mechanisms of recovery. Now, not all of those errors arise from asynchronous communication. Without any doubt, an accurate and consistent aviation translation prevents proliferation of such errors, including error detection points.

Our expert linguists are specialized by industry and subject matter, and readily available at short notice. They are experienced in the processing of maintenance logs, brochures, manuals, contracts, legal issues, reports or any other type of documents in several fields of aviation that include:

  • Technical translation - Almost by definition aviation translation is technical in nature. On occasion technical manuals are distributed to foreign markets, or maintenance records of used planes require full transcription and translation to another language. In most cases, a foreign setting implies a foreign language and even changes to technical specifications, including electrical standards, and manufacturing specifications. Usually, poor translations represent a dangerous potential for civil liability resulting from errors.

  • Legal translations - Our Aviation Translation Service also covers a series of juridical subjects, ranging from contracting and regulations to foreign law and legal liability. Aviation litigation in particular is characterized by being intricate given the numerous theories of liability under federal, state, and international law. In order to determine the manner and degree of responsibility for an accident, the plaintiff must prove the defendant neglected or was unable to comply with an industry standard related to the operation of an aircraft, or related to engineering, or other operational issues. Under certain circumstances owners, operators, manufacturers or maintenance suppliers, and even local, state and federal governments may bear some degree of liability. Of course, a proper translation of the documentation involved in these cases is essential to our clients.

  • Medical translators - Aviation medicine, is a critical component of aviation safety. Our aviation translation experts are familiar with documentation on aerospace medical education, medical and human factors research, aviation industry drug and alcohol testing, employee health awareness, medical clearances, and pilot medical certifications.

  • Corporate translations - Corporations are better suited to face the challenges of global participation dealing with documentation of an exclusive corporate nature like policies and procedures, employee manuals, policies and procedures in the languages and cultural standards of their target markets. Our translators are experienced in the translation of policies and procedures, guidelines, practices and recommendations, advertising, communications, employee handbooks, and regulatory issues.

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In an industry as heavily regulated as aircraft maintenance, there are several barriers against error propagation. However, there is a potential for language errors that may result in maintenance deficiencies and legal liability.

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