Technical Translation

technical translation

VOX provides Technical Translation, a specialty that includes aviation, automotive and manufacturing. But that is not all —we also set up teams of medical and legal certified translators to translate your documents and web sites.

Technical Translators

technical translationsTechnical translation is a specialty of VOX. We set up teams with technical translation professionals willing to share years of knowledge and professional expertise, as well as their glossaries in order to accurately process and translate any scientific and engineering text. Get an estimate for Technical Translation. Our translators consistently translate documents ranging from books, web sites, and articles, to service, instructional and owner manuals, reports and other documents from scientific and engineering journals.

Medical Translation

Medical TranslationOur medical translation experts translate clinical, technical, and corporate literature (including regulatory and marketing documentation) for the healthcare, medical device, scientific, and pharmaceutical fields. Get a quote for Medical Translation. We are a leading provider of scientific and medical translation services to the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Legal Translation

Legal TranslationLegal translation is a translation area within the field of law that our attorneys and paralegals are proud to belong to. They are accurate, pay close attention to detail, deliver on time, and follow strict confidentiality policies. Get a quote for Legal Translation now. Our legal translation teams translate jurisprudence, doctrine, legal regulations, contracts, and judicial and immigration documentation.

Our translation specialists translate corporate documents that include regulatory issues, policies and procedures, practices and recommendations, guidelines, standards, work methods, and advertising. They communicate your ideas taking into account the cultural standards of your audiences.

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Multilingual technical translation

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Human translation

We speak your language and the languages of your target audiences, and we carefully follow the arguments and style of your document. Also, we communicate your ideas taking into account the cultural standards of your audiences.

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